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Hamilton House Skin Cancer Surgery Adelaide
Hamilton House Skin Cancer Surgery Adelaide

Mole Removal and Repair

Moles and Benign Skin Legions

Moles and Naevi are the commonest of the skin lesions, which can be present at birth or appear in childhood or early adult life. They can be flat or protruding and are seen on the face, arms, legs, back, chest and so on. They can develop or grow after sun exposure. A few moles have a tendency to change into a melanoma type of skin cancer so careful assessment is required to determine the risk. Moles at risk including Dysplastic Naevus can be recognised by the ABCDE rule: Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Colour variation, large Diameter and Evolving, and should be biopsied or removed and sent to pathology.

Whilst most non-facial moles are removed by GPs and dermatologists, a plastic surgeon has a definite role in identifying and removing suspicious moles especially on the face and sensitive areas where there is a desire to obtain the best aesthetic result with minimal disfigurement. If you have an unsightly or suspicious mole on your face, ask to be referred to a plastic surgeon for removal of the mole. Dr. Hamilton has a proven record of effectively removing facial moles with almost imperceptible scars.